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Membership & Accreditation

AICCS seeks to serve Christian colleges & seminaries by provided access to one of the largest non-government academic associations in the world. Below are the regulations for membership and association.

christian college accreditation
AICCS Procedures for Violations
  1. The AICCS president will notify in writing the administrator of the member school, specifying the criteria which allegedly are being violated.

  2. The school administrator is given 30 days to respond to the notification of the alleged violation of AICCS regulations.

  3. The school administrator may take one or more of the following actions.
         (1) Request clarification of the criteria of which the school allegedly is in violation.
         (2) Appeal to the AICCS Board of Directors for a hearing on the alleged violation.
         (3) Correct the specified violation, bringing the school into complete compliance with AICCS regulations.

  4. Failure of a member school to comply with the AICCS regulations within 60 days of written notification of the alleged violation (or within 30 days of an official appeal and hearing by the AICCS Board of Directors) will result in the school’s dismissal from membership; notification of this negative action (termination) will be published to all appropriate interested parties.

  5. No refund of fees will be made to any school which has been officially terminated from a relationship within AICCS (membership, candidacy, or accreditation) or whose status has lapsed or expired.

  6. A member school which has been dismissed from AICCS membership (or a school which allows its official status to lapse or expire) may petition for reinstatement by submitting a new application for membership and paying the $200 fee. Such reinstated schools will be placed on probation for one year before full membership privileges are restored.

  7. The official decisions of the AICCS Board of Directors are final and binding.

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