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Membership & Accreditation

AICCS seeks to serve Christian colleges & seminaries by provided access to one of the largest non-government academic associations in the world. Below are the required components to membership.

christian college accreditation
How AICCS Accreditation Works

Accreditation has a number of components that relate to each other as the process unfolds.

AICCS standards are established by vote of the Board of Directors in consultation with representatives of institutional members. These standards provide the basis for consistent reviews across many sizes and types of institutions.

AICCS schools petition and volunteer to participate in the accreditation process. As a first step, institutions develop a self-study process involving administration, faculty, and students that results in a self-study document. The document compares institutional practices against AICCS standards and the goals and objectives of the school. It identifies strengths, areas for improvement, and aspirations for future development.

On-Site Review
A team of trained AICCS evaluators gives careful consideration to the self-study during the visit to the school campus. The evaluators then prepare a report of their findings for the Accreditation Commission regarding the school’s consistency with AICCS standards, areas for improvement, and future issues. Prior to official Commission action, the institution has the option to respond to the evaluator’s report regarding errors of fact, conclusions based on errors of fact, or any documented changes made to the program since the team departed from the campus.

Commission Action
The Commission on Accreditation reviews the institution’s self-study, the AICCS Evaluator’s Report, and any additional responses from the school under review. The Commission renders a decision about accreditation status based on published AICCS standards and guidelines. It communicates with the institution until the accreditation review is completed.

Results concerning accredited status of all member schools are published in the AICCS Directory. In addition, the formal Report of the AICCS Commission on Accreditation is made available on the website within thirty days after each of the Commission’s meetings.

AICCS schools which hold official status are obligated to produce and forward an annual report, file for approval of new curricula or substantive changes, and comply with all the Association’s standards and guidelines. AICCS schools must agree to accept the credits and degrees issued by all other member schools of the Association.

International Schools

AICCS welcomes International schools to become Approved Members at no cost. However, because we are unable to complete on-site reviews, we cannot offer full accreditation to schools outside the United States. 

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