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Equivalent Degrees to Be Awarded

by CrossFire Christian College and

AICCS for Years of Bible Teaching

CrossFire Christian College, in cooperation with the Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries, has launched an innovative educational program to honor and recognize experienced Bible teachers by presenting them Equivalent Bible College degrees.  This new credentialing endeavor, through CrossFire’s Christian Master Teachers Institute, is designed to furnish legitimate academic credentials to persons with many years of Bible teaching experience, but who have not been privileged to graduate from a Bible college or theological seminary.  

In July, 2018, the AICCS and CrossFire Boards voted to confer Equivalent (Honorary) Degrees upon teachers with credible, documented, and verified years of teaching the Bible.  These  years of teaching are evaluated within three categories: (1) teaching Sunday School or other short-term, small group church-based Bible classes for youth or adult students, (2) teaching in-depth Bible expository studies using formal textbooks, classroom discussions, and examinations for non-degree adult students, (3 ) teaching Bible college or seminary-level Bible courses, with students earning undergraduate or graduate credits and degrees,.

Persons making application for an Equivalent Degree must be members in good standing of the Association of Christian Master Teachers International.  The ACMTI Personal Profile questionnaire details and documents all information about a Bible teacher’s educational background, past and present teaching assignments, books and articles written, and requires three written personal references.

Depending upon which degree is conferred, the costs run between $158 and $408.


To learn more details, or request an application form, send an email to with the subject "Degree Equivalency". 

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