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Membership & Accreditation

AICCS seeks to serve Christian colleges & seminaries by provided access to one of the largest non-government academic associations in the world. Below are the regulations for membership and association.

christian college accreditation
AICCS Regulations
  1. All AICCS member schools (Approved, Candidate, and Accredited) must conform to all applicable state and national regulations.

  2. All ACCCS member schools must submit the initial Application Form with the applicable fee, followed by the Annual Report form with the specified fee in subsequent years in order to maintain their status as certified members of AICCS.

  3. All AICCS member schools must relate to the association (AICCS) and all other member schools with the highest Christian moral values, maintain academic credibility, ethical standards, and financial integrity; specifically, all member schools covenant together to conduct all their operations according to Christ's "Golden Rule"... agreeing not to operate in direct competition with each other or with AICCS in any manner whatsoever that could damage the outreach or effectiveness of another collegial ministry endeavor. 

  4. All AICCS member schools much agree to accept and/or transfer all credits, courses, and degrees issues by other Approved, Candidate, or Accredited Member schools of the AICCS.

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