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Of course!

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What about online schools? Can they be accredited too?

No. All accreditation is not the same. Accreditation has many purposes, and many groups accredit for different reasons. AICCS exists to help the Christian schools to obtain accreditation that is not government affiliated.

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Isn't all accreditation the same?

No. AICCS realizes that some of the most reputable colleges and universities in the world started with only a few students (Princeton, Harvard, and The College of William and Mary to name a few). At AICCS, we believe that size is not the only metric by which to evaluate a school. 

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Is there a minimum school size to join?
What about international schools?

International schools may receive Membership free of charge. However, full Candidacy and Accreditation with International schools is not possible due to the prohibitive costs of travel & lodging involved with the inspection team. 

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Due to our belief in separation of Church and State, we have chosen to not pursue such recognition. To view this position in detail, please visit here

Is AICCS recognized by the US Department of Education?

While we have many schools of all sizes, we have a special affinity for helping launch new schools. If you are considering launching a new educational program, you'll find unique advantages to joining AICCS to help your start-up.

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Does AICCS have a speciality?
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