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AICCS Elects 7 Commissioners for 2018-2019

The Board of Directors of the Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries has elected seven officials from among its Accredited Schools to serve as the agency’s Inaugural Advisory Commission. These seven Commissioners will serve 2-year terms from September, 2018 through August, 2020.

The new AICCS Advisory Commissioners include: (1) Dr. R. L. Bowen, President, Midwest Bible College, Milwaukee, WI; (2) Dr. Nancy Daniel, Compliance Director, MorningStar University, Fort Mill, SC; (3) Dr. Lola Fuller, President, Ezekiel Institute of Ministry, Garner, NC; (4) Dr. Milton McGrew, President, United Baptist Theological Seminary & Bible College, Shreveport, LA; (5) Dr. Benjamin Moore III, President, Advance Ministry Institute, Indianapolis, IN; (6) Dr. Galen Pearcy, President, Great Commission Bible College, Carl Junction, MO; and (7) Dr. Sharon Ross, Dean, Faith Christian Bible College, Tyler, TX The Advisory Commission of the Association of Independent Christian Colleges and Seminaries is a volunteer group of professional educators selected from among the administrative officers of the 399 Christian schools associated with AICCS. Meetings of the Advisory Commission will be conducted through the electronic media (by telephone, internet, email, Skype, etc.) and by prior appointment with the Commissioners.


The President and/or Executive Committee of the Board of Directors of AICCS may contact some or all members of the Advisory Commission for advice and other assistance related to the operation and administration of the programs of this association. These requests for Christian professional input could involve one or more of the following activities:

1. Administration: to advise the AICCS staff and board of directors on matters of staffing and general policy.
2. Accreditation: to evaluate and recommend action on the Candidate schools petitioning for Accreditation by AICCS.
3. Legal: to review and recommend any changes in the AICCS Constitution, By-laws, rules, regulations, or other official documents of the association.
4. Financial: to conduct a financial review (audit) of the AICCS annual budget receipts and expenditures, and to check the accuracy of the AICCS official financial records.
5. Professional: to evaluate and recommend action on applicants for Master Teacher Certification and/or Equivalent Degrees.
6. Judicial: to conduct hearings and to render decisions on schools which allegedly have violated AICCS rules and regulations.
7. Awards: to evaluate and recommend annual service and achievement honors and recognitions to be presented to outstanding AICCS schools and administrators.

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