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If you're just launching a new school, the decisions in front of you can seem overwhelming. From setting a vision, to building a faculty and gaining accreditation, the tasks are monumental.

Armed with decades of academic leadership and pulpit experience, Dr Curt Scarborough has compiled hundreds of pages of insight to help your school navigate the road to successful, sustainable growth. You'll gain key insights that have become 'best practices' that you can implement in your program right away. No more wasted time in tedious research or delayed action.

I believe this Manual is a primary necessity in the decision-making and preparation process for pastors, educators, and all individuals who are considering starting or
who are currently operating a Christian school of ministry.

Dr Karen E Drake

Primus University of Theology International

Only $165!

Chapter Listing

1. Vision, Mission, Objectives, & Legal Documents
2. Articles of Faith & Policy Statements
3. Personnel: Administration, Faculty, & Staff
4. Academics: Curricula, Credits, & Degrees
5. Awarding Life Learning Experience Credits
6. Accreditation: AICCS Information & Forms
7. Annual Budgeting & Physical Facilities
8. Website, Marketing, & School Catalog
9. Fund Raising & Student Recruitment
10. Satellite School Cooperatives & Affiliations

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