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accreditation process-steps for achieving accreditation  
Accreditation Procedure-Steps for Achieving Accreditation
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accreditation process-steps for achieving accreditation

AICCS is a non-profit association of independent Christian colleges and seminaries committed to academic excellence, intellectual freedom, ethical conduct, and moral integrity.

AICCS was chartered as a charitable corporation in the State of Missouri to help establish, support, maintain, and promote the development of non-traditional, modular, and private tutoring/mentoring methods on-campus, and audio/video-taped, on-line, and other distance learning methods off-campus.

AICCS fosters flexible, experimental, innovative, personalized learning alternatives, as well as traditional post-secondary and graduate-level educational modalities.

AICCS-affiliated schools offer degrees which are absolutely legitimate, totally honorable, widely respected, and generally accepted within the Christian community.

Objectives & Programs

  • To serve as a link for spiritual fellowship, mutual encouragement, technical assistance, and professional information-sharing among member schools.
  •  To represent the AICCS membership before government agencies and regulatory bodies.
  • To sponsor a national conference offering seminars, clinics and workshops, and an awards ceremony where member schools will be recognized and honored for outstanding achievement.
  • To establish an independent Accrediting Commission to evaluate and to certify Christian colleges and seminaries.  
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